Timber Creek Estates Homeowner's Association

If you have a comment, question or concern about the neighborhood, please email the board at timbercreekhoa@yahoo.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Timber Creek HOA Board of Directors


We've had many questions regarding the lack of plants or flowers at our entrances for the past several months.  As announced at our Annual Homeowner's Meeting, we are in the process of revamping the entrances with drought resistant plants and landscaping.  In an effort to minimize the cost to us, our landscapers skipped two planting seasons so that funds that would have been used for that would be used for the materials necessary for the changes planned (stone, plants, etc.  At the same time, we will be having electrical work done at the entrances on SH-276 so that all of the lights and outlets work, allowing us to do things like safely plug in Christmas lights.  Please bear with us during this transitional period.

Board of Directors

President: Robin Harris

Vice President: Samina Rahman

Secretary/Treasurer: Lisa Tirey- Butler


email: timbercreekhoa@yahoo.com


phone:  469-562-2155